We pride ourselves in creating your favorite and signature mithais using the best ingredients and under the strictest quality control measures. Our standard mithais include traditional favorites like gulab jaman and barfi, while our signature mithais' list consists of regional delicacies like kaju katli and cultural halwajaats.

Badam Barfi

Sada Barfi

Chocolate Barfi

Pista Qalaqand

Bason Qalaqand

Pairay Sada Goal

Jaman Lal

Jaman Kalay

White Chum Chum

Angoor Dana

Coconut Chum Chum

Saib Chum Chum

Malai Chum

Ladoo Motichoor Sada

Ladoo Motichoor Maghaz

Ladoo Qalqati

Ladoo Milky

Ladoo Panjeeri

Ladoo Badami

Pela Patisa

Petha White


Jalebi Methi

Habshi Halwa

Karachi Halwa

Baloo Shahi Small

Baloo Shahi Large

Badam Pak

Akhrot Pak

Khajoor Pak

Honey Almond Barfi

Kaju Katli

Rustam Pinian

Rustam barfi

Pan Paray Special

Ladoo Double Super Special

Zafrani Petha

Goldan Halwa

Kaju Pera

Almond Baklava

Walnut baklava

Sultan Baklava

Lal Jaman Sugar Free

Sada Barfi Sugar Free

Ladoo Sugar Free

Gajer Halwa

Daal Halwa

Petha Halwa

Chicken Samosay

Aalu Samosay

Chicken Roll

Rusmalai 2 pc cup

Rusmalai 6 pc Pkt

Rusgullay Thanday 2 pc cup

Rusgullay Thanday 6 pc Pkt

Kulfi Classic



Chocolate Kulfi

Pistachio Kulfi

Pheonian 250 Gram Pkt

Pheonian 1 kg

Malai Khaja

Namkeen Mathi

Gondwen Samosay

Paan Peeray

Moti Boondi Ladoo

Our mithai includes a vast array of quality ingredients covering from pure khoya, milk, milk solids, fermented foods, root vegetables, roasted seeds, seasonal fruits, fruits pastes and dry fruits. We ensure that we use khaalis desi ghee for all our production. Backed by our strong operational governance and TQM, we strive to keep on providing the best there is in quality and hygiene.

For our health conscious and diabetic customers, we offer a variety of sugar free mithai.

During the processing, Chashni values its customers by keeping its cleanliness its top priority. As of 2016 we are ISO certified in processes ensuring TQM. Chashni’s fleet is specifically designed to deliver our products under qualitative and logistical controls for fresh and daily delivery of sweets.

CAKES from English Tea House

Starting January 2018, Chashni is offering its customer's delicious and festive Cakes, available at all our locations. With seasonal favourites available for immediate purchase, we will also be able to take customized cake order for those special occasions.