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Height of customer service and hospitality was observed. Top class quality of food with an excellent ambience pushed me to rate this resturant as a 5 star. High level, you need to visit it for an exceptional taste, quality and for sure quantity. Keep up the good work. :)

Muhammad Usman Malik



At Chashni, our visionary and innovative team of mithai specialists is determined to bring great tastes to your life's sweet moments.

Holding on to our traditional flavors, Chashni offers you a wide variety of sweets, carefully prepared with a healthy choice of ingredients, desi ghee and Pakistani hospitality. Our sweets not only pay tribute to our rich history but are also prepared under strict international quality and hygiene standards. We ensure that all your festivities and moments of love are celebrated with a blend of Chashni sweetness and the flavors’ of our timeless heritage.

Our Mithais