Quality & Hygiene

O ur Mithai’s include a vast array of quality ingredients covering from flours, milk, milk solids, fermented foods, root vegetables, roasted seeds to seasonal fruits, fruits pastes and dry fruits. We ensure that we use khaalis desi ghee for all our production. Backed by our strong operational governance and TQM, we strive to keep on providing the best there is in quality and hygiene.

As a part of our SOP, Chashni values its customers by keeping Cleanliness its top priority. As a part of our quality strategy we are implementing ISO standards in all our operational, production management and supply chain; which has resulted in obtaining the UKAS Management System 0005 and the ISO 22000 Certification.

Our research and development continues to help us grow while keeping a keen eye on consumer friendly and health related trends, for which we are also offering sugar free mithai. Chashni’s fleet is specifically designed to deliver our products under qualitative and logistical controls for fresh and daily delivery.