Since 2015

About Chashni


Made to your satisfaction, Chashni Sweets delivers quality Mithai, meeting high standards, embedded with the essence of our culture, heritage and traditional taste.Over its long history, cuisines of the subcontinent developed a diversified array of sweets like no other region of the world where sweets are so varied, so numerous, or so invested with meaning. Chashni Sweets puts these claims to test and guarantees every fine bit of it, conserving the confectionary and desserts of South Asia. .

Group Introduction

The group behind Yum, English Tea House & Spice Bazaar, came out with the concept of Chashni in 2013. The Niche Art of creating mithai and gifting, while preserving the true essence of the moment, is best served with Chashni. With its well presented packaging and expertise in the taste, Chashni is focused to grantee and provide the satisfaction you deserve. .

After doing extensive research, Chashni opened its first two locations in July 2015 with its first branch opening in Gulberg at Spice Bazaar and the other in D.H.A. Following its success, Chashni opened up its 3rd new location on Jail Road, near Kartaba Chowk in September 2015.

With a centralized production facility, Chashni is set to expand into 3 more locations in up-coming months and hopes to establish itself as a stable for mithai in Pakistan. Chashni mithai delivers the combination of our rich tradition, cultural heritage and quality products made with khaalis milk and desi ghee to keep its quality intact.